Best place to host/share your source code: Project Kenai

Project Kenai is the onramp for Sun’s developer “cloud” efforts. Having gone live back in September of 2008, we have now exceeded over 6,000 members and we will surpass 400 publicly hosted open source projects this week (quite an accomplishment).

Here’s some high level information to help re-familiarize you with Kenai . We currently offer an integrated suite of productivity services for developers to host their open source code or connect with peers of like mind, and will be enabling additional cloud services and API access very soon. Today’s features include:
* Source Code Management (Subversion, Mercurial, and Git)
* Issue Tracking (Jira and Bugzilla)
* Wiki
* Forums
* Mailing Lists
* Download facility for documents
* Evolving integration with NetBeans

Anyone can join by going to And if parties are ready to start hosting a project, they simply need to send an invitation request with a description of their project to:

Here’s some useful resources to learn more or stay connected:
* Kenai on OSUM:
* Blog:
* Twitter:
* Facebook:
* Nuts & Bolts of
* NetBeans Connectivity:
* Screencasts:
> >”Welcome to Project Kenai:”
> >”Edit your Project Kenai Profile:”
> >”Manage your Kenai Project:”

Feel free to ping me if you want to continue the conversation:

The Project Kenai Team


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